About Us

By: Alexander Backus
Updated: December 19, 2022

What Is Hotelicopter?

Hotelicopter is a resource that provides hotels to people who are 18+, across the whole of the United States. Whatever you need, whether it’s pet-friendly, romantic, or super luxurious, we will help you find the right place to make your stay memorable.

We know all the top places to stay, and we’ll let you search according to your personal criteria. Our goal is to make booking as simple as it can be for people all over the US – because life is too short to spend hours making a hotel reservation!

What Does Hotelicopter Stand For?

We stand for high-quality and offer a range of hotels for our users to choose from. We also provide guidance on many of the things you might need to know when booking hotels in certain states, such as how old you need to be and what alternatives to hotels you may have. 

Our job is to give you access to the best hotels, no matter where you’re staying. We want to make every trip you take a dream of convenience, so we’re putting everything you might need at your fingertips.

We’ll also let you know if you should expect any special restrictions in the state you’re heading to, so you can make sure you have the relevant ID or be aware of rules you may have to comply with. This should ensure your stay will go off without a hitch.

Check out our state-specific FAQs so you know exactly what to expect, what you need, and how you should behave while you’re in a specific state.

Essentially, we stand for convenience in every way; we are here to make your life easier when you have to leave your home and stay a few nights elsewhere.

Why Should You Trust Hotelicopter?

When it comes to travel arrangements, you need to know that you aren’t going to be let down. Whether you’re five miles or five thousand miles from home, you want to be sure that the bed you planned on sleeping in is ready and waiting for you every time.

Fortunately, we understand this, and that’s why we’re here to help. Hotelicopter is working with hotels across the board to find accommodation that is suitable for every individual, and to make sure that it is booked and nothing goes wrong.

No matter what your needs are, you can be sure that Hotelicopter will do its utmost to cater to them. Whether you need a 5-star hotel or just a cheap bed and breakfast to pass a few nights in, we have Hotels across the United States, and we will help you find the most suitable place to stay.

Why Did We Create Hotelicopter?

We created Hotelicopter because we saw a need. More and more people are traveling these days, and yet certain aspects of travel are lagging behind, in spite of recent advancements in technology and improvements in the way we book and manage our trip online.

There are so many hotels out there, it can be difficult to find the one that is perfect for you. This is particularly true if you have certain criteria to fulfill – which is where Hotelicopter comes in. It will offer you all the help you need to make your booking quickly and easily, and ensure that it suits your requirements.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by how hard it is to travel and how challenging bookings are, you’re not alone – and that’s why Hotelicopter is now here to help you out. Kiss goodbye to frustration and say hello to a smoother, easier booking process.