Hotels in Joliet That Allow 18-Year-Olds to Check-In

By: Alexander Backus
Updated: February 28, 2024

Turning 18 can be exciting – until you realize you still can’t do some things. Renting a hotel room can be one of those things.

While many hotels require you to be 21 to rent a room, some hotels in Joliet allow 18-year-olds to check in, including those listed below.

Hotels in Joliet With 18+ Check-In

1. Motel 6 - Joliet, IL – I-80

Motel 6, off of I-80, is surrounded by activities that guests can enjoy.

Within four miles, you’ll find the Joliet Area Historical Museum, Sanchez Memorial Park, Inwood Soccer Complex, several ski lifts, the Metro and Amtrak stations, and various restaurants and cafes.

  • Free WiFi
  • Vending machine and snack bar
  • Pet-friendly with no extra charges
  • Laundry facilities

2. Motel 6 - Joliet, IL – Chicago – I-55

In addition to comfortable accommodations, Motel 6, off I-55, is an excellent place for those who love the outdoors.

It’s located within two miles of Cambridge Run Park, Wills Park, Heritage Lakes Park, and Plainfield Bike Park, as well as two minutes from the Joliet Mall.

  • Free WiFi
  • Snack bar
  • Pet-friendly with no extra charges
  • Laundry facilities


Will I need I.D. and a credit card to check in?

Yes, you’ll need both an I.D. and a credit card. Even if you are paying cash for the room, hotels typically require a credit card on file in case of damages or unpaid charges.

Is it legal for an 18-year-old to check in to a hotel?

Legally, you can check in to a hotel at the age of 18. However, hotels have the discretion to set their own rules.

What are the alternatives to hotels for 18-year-olds?

Airbnb is a great option, especially if you would like to stay in a house or condo instead. It can also be much cheaper if you have a group traveling with you. Youth hostels are an affordable option for young adults.

Why do some hotels have an age requirement of 21?

It’s mostly for the protection of the hotel and the other guests. For most, 21 depicts a more responsible age, which theoretically means a lower risk of damage or disturbing behavior. And as 21 is the minimum drinking age, there’s a lower chance of liability issues if underage guests drink and drive.

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