Hotels in South Carolina That Allow 18-Year-Olds to Check-In

By: Alexander Backus
Updated: May 18, 2023

How Old Do You Have To Be to Rent a Hotel Room in South Carolina?

You must be 18 years old when you check in to rent a hotel room in South Carolina. 

Many hotels have a 21 and over policy, so always check before booking a room. 

Alternatives to Hotels for 18-Year-Olds

Here are some other ways to go if you’re not wild about your hotel options in South Carolina as an 18-year-old. 

Youth Hostel

Many youth hostels will allow guests as young as 16 to stay without their parents. So as an 18-year-old, you should have no trouble. 

Hostels are affordable and boast community living accommodations, including shared rooms with bunk beds, shared bathrooms, and often shared kitchen and lounge areas. 

Hostels are usually cheap, but you may have trouble finding one outside big cities and popular tourist areas. If you are going to a big city, hostels are usually located downtown or in the trendiest neighborhoods. 


Airbnb has a pretty inclusive under-25 policy, making it an excellent option for an 18-year-old. If you are flexible on your dates and opt to travel off-season, you can save yourself a few bucks. 

With this choice, you might find yourself sleeping in a tree house or a cottage near a lake.


Campervans are the way to go if you want to travel through South Carolina or if the state is one part of a more extensive road trip. 

There are several apps and sites you can use to find a campervan to rent, and you can find both stationary and mobile vehicles for rent on Airbnb. 


Here are some more things to know before you pack your bags. 

Why do I need to have an ID to check in as an 18-year-old?

How else is the hotel going to know you are who you say you are or that you are 18? 

Also, if you have booked your room ahead of time, hotels use cards to see if you have a reservation and if you’ve already paid. 

What else do I need to present at check-in as an 18-year-old?

You will also need a credit card at check-in. You should be able to use a bank card as well. Contact the hotel if you have any other questions about this. 

Is it legal for an 18-year-old to check into a hotel? 

It is legal for an 18-year-old to check into a hotel in South Carolina, but that doesn’t mean a hotel’s age policy will accept guests under 21.

If it’s legal, then why do so many hotels in South Carolina have a 21 and over policy? 

Even though it is legal for them to rent to you, hotels don’t have to. They are allowed to draft and enforce their own age policies, and many find it too expensive or risky to allow anyone under 21 to rent.