Hotels in Illinois That Allow 18-Year-Olds to Check-In

By: Alexander Backus
Updated: February 28, 2024

How Old Do You Have to Be to Rent a Hotel Room in Illinois?

You must be at least 18 years old before you can rent a hotel room in Illinois. All hotels have to abide by this rule because it is a law in the United States.

Some hotels implement their own guidelines, meaning you cannot rent one of their rooms unless you are 21 or older.

Why do you have to be at least 18 to check into a hotel in Illinois? The simple answer is for legal reasons.

Booking a hotel room requires commitments to contractual obligations that those under 18 legally cannot commit to. Renting a hotel room is a big responsibility, and hotels are liable for any accidents, damages, and customer safety.


Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers about hotel check-in as an 18-year-old.

Will I need an I.D. to check in as an 18-year-old?

Yes. Most hotels require an I.D. check for all customers, regardless of age. Have your driver's license or passport handy.

Will I need a credit card to check in as an 18-year-old?

You should bring whatever form of payment you used to book the hotel room. Hotels use this to verify your reservation information.

Typically, hotels accept credit or debit cards.

Can you get a hotel at 18 in Illinois?

Yes, as long as the specific hotel allows guests under the age of 21.

Why do some hotels in Illinois have an age requirement of 21?

At 18, you become a legal adult. However, some hotels keep their age requirement at 21 to rent a room, so they escape potential liability for any underage activities.

Alternatives to Hotels for 18-Year-Olds

Looking to stay somewhere other than a hotel? Here are other lodging options for 18-year-olds.

Youth Hostels

Youth hostels are an excellent option for solo visitors looking to find a few travel buddies. Many hostels follow a dormitory structure. You will be sharing the parts of the space with others.

Hostels are often more feasible for young adults compared to booking hotel rooms.


Many Airbnb spaces accept 18-year-olds. Airbnbs also offer extra privacy and amenities versus a hotel room. These places are usually cheaper, too.