Hotels in Rochester That Allow 18-Year-Olds to Check-In

By: Alexander Backus
Updated: June 30, 2023

Whether you're headed to Rochester, New York, to explore historical sites, visit museums, or peruse art galleries, you'll want to retreat to a comfortable place at the end of the day - and we don't blame you!

Fortunately, there are plenty of hotels in Rochester for 18-year-olds and up.

Hotels in Rochester with 18+ Check-In

1. School 31 Lofts

School 31 Lofts is a highly-reviewed, well-designed boutique hotel that combines a vintage style with modern amenities. Some standout features at this hotel include:

  • Garden access
  • Proximity to The National Museum of Play
  • Well-appointed lofts with equipped kitchens or kitchenettes
  • Room service
  • Free Parking

2. Dartmouth House

Dartmouth House has an old-school, vintage vibe that caters to relaxed, easy-going travelers. Top amenities here include:

  • Bathtubs
  • Bathrobes
  • Vintage furniture and rugs
  • Free Parking

3. Motel 6 Rochester - Airport

Finally, the Motel 6 Rochester is the perfect place to stay before or after flying through the nearby airport. You can receive a wide range of free perks and amenities if you stay here, including:

  • Free airport shuttle
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free gym
  • Free business center
  • Free Parking

How old do you have to be to rent a hotel room in Rochester?

In Rochester, New York, you must be at least 18 years of age to book a hotel room.

This rule applies to all hotels throughout the city and creates a safe environment for guests and staff alike.


Now that you're aware of some excellent options for hotels in Rochester for 18-year-olds, you may have a few additional questions. Here are our answers to some commonly asked questions on the subject.

Will I need an I.D. and credit card to check in?

Yep! Hotels need to verify your age and identity when you check in, so please ensure you bring an I.D. as well as a credit card. 

The I.D. is mandatory since guests must be at least 18 years old to check into these hotels, while the credit card will allow hotels to securely confirm your identity and process any potential payments for the room or miscellaneous charges during your stay.

What are the alternatives to Hotels for 18-Year-Olds?

Even if you are not yet 18, there's no need to fret - Rochester has some options for young travelers. 

From youth hostels to Airbnb accommodations, there is an accommodation that will allow you to stay. 

Keep in mind, though, most accommodation providers will require the permission and consent of a parent or guardian before booking a stay.

Is it legal for an 18-year-old to check into a hotel?

Absolutely. It is legal for an 18-year-old to check in to a hotel as long as they can prove their age with valid identification. 

Although, since hotels are private entities, they are allowed to have certain age requirements for entry, such as requiring guests to be at least 21 or at least 25 years of age.

Why do some hotels have an age requirement of 21?

Some hotels may decide to enforce an age requirement of 21 for different reasons. 

One common reason is that they want to ensure their guests are of legal drinking age. That way, they won't need to separate guests in some fashion (e.g., wristbands) or I.D. them every time they're at the bar or restaurant.

Another reason is that the hotel may want to create a more mature vibe.

No matter where you choose to stay, I'm sure you'll have a grand time at one of these 18+ hotels in Rochester, New York!

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